R & D Department

R & D
The general policy of our R & D department include carrying out R & D activities in order to

  • Keep up with the technological developments and the market conditions in accordance with the inquiries from the customers,
  • Perform cost and quality improvements,
  • Improve occupational safety and ergonomics in the factory,
  • Design or improve the molds used in casting according to customer specifications and PU system properties,
  • Assess the programs from various funds that provide financial aid for scientific and technological R &D projects.

Mechanical R&D
  • Designing all the molds manufactured on site using CAD/CAM software.
  • CNC machines are used for the machining of the molds
Chemical R & D
  • Research and synthesis of prepolymers using micro and pilot reactors.
  • NCO % Analysis
  • Tests on physical properties of cast polyurethanes

Hardness DIN 53505
Elasticity Modulus DIN 53504
Tensile Strength DIN 53504
% Elongation DIN 53504
Tear with and without nick ISO 34-1
Resilience DIN 53512
Abrasion ISO 4649
Compression Set ISO 815-1
Specific Weight  

Successful TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Project
We have successfully concluded a project (No: 714246) named “TDI  based Prepolymer Production”, backed by TUBITAK. Inspired by this achievement we are working on new projects in order to serve our customers and ensure higher added value.